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Social Media

  • Strengthen Reputation

  • Enforce Loyalty Loop

  • Grow Audience

A Forbes study revealed that 78% of consumers say their purchases are impacted by companies’ social media posts. A strong social media profile is an effective tool for any sales strategy because of the ability to meet people at many stages of the consumer decision journey (CDJ).  Social media allows your brand to be at the front of potential consumers’ minds, when considering a service or product. Having a strong profile, with positive reviews, a strong following, and evidence of credibility within the industry, makes you a viable purchasing option. With digital media having such a strong impact, the journey does not end with a purchase. Instead, you want to move them into the loyalty loop, where they will not only continue to patron your brand, but will advocate it to everyone they know. Our social media strategies will create moments for others to advocate organically and put your brand in ongoing dialogue, keeping your brand visible.

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